“I couldn't put the book down. It brought back so many fond memories of that time in my life. It was very enlightening to see that everyone had the same struggles and hardships of living in that era. We all seemed to enjoy the same simple pleasures whenever we had free time.”— Maryann Konkel Jenquin, Seymour, WI

“Having grown up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, I found myself comparing my own memories as I read this book on the people and rural life in Couillardville. Background on how the first families came to the area and what their descendants did after, comprise a large share of the pages, but there’s also historical information on everything from the geology of the area to early modes of transportation, farm machinery, schools, logging, cheese making, and 4-H.” — Diane Nichols, Oconto, WI

“The book is a charming record of a very special spot on Earth–Couillardville. Its history is recounted in geology, native footprints, exploration, settlement, and the growth of identity as a community. Its character radiates through accounts of the families whose daily lives defined the concept of community. It still lives in the spirit of its residents and the memories shared each year at Machine Shed Reunions.” — Doug Couillard, Waukesha, WI

“It will be a gift to generations to come. They will know where their ancestors came from and they will know what life was like during those years from the actual words of their loved ones.” — Nancy Carey Campbell, Seymour, WI

“What a wonderful book! It brought back so many memories and I learned more about the history of Couillardville and its people. A big THANK YOU to all who contributed to this fine testament to our community. It is a treasure for all of us who lived there.” — Lavon Johnston Frazier, Pullman WA

“It is a Work of Art, a Labor of Love, a great accomplishment that will be handed down to future generations.” — Janice Detaeje Janssen, Kaukauna, WI

“I was impressed by the amount of research that was done to gather the stories about the earliest settlers of Couillardville.” — Maryann Konkel Jenquin, Seymour, WI

“Filled with many photos and stories of what made Couillardville special–its people, this is a book for families and friends of those who made this place what it was: a community of true neighbors always there for one another in the good times and the bad.” — Diane Nichols, Oconto, WI


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