Machine Shed Memories will ignite warm memories for the reader of their own growing-up years in rural America. While the times were often filled with hardship, all experienced the meaning of neighborliness through the special people encountered in the one-room school, the church, the annual harvest, or the 4-H Club.

In 1851, Jacob Couillard traveled seven miles up the Oconto River west of Oconto, Wisconsin , and created a settlement to be named after him.  He soon opened a store to serve the new residents of the area.  A school was started, a Presbyterian Church and a cheese factory built.  Couillardville flourished through the first half of the 20th Century.

By the late 1950s the threshing machine and threshing crews were being replaced by the combine and the small family dairy herds began to disappear.  The cheese factory and store had closed and the church had been converted to a community hall.

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