This record of the memories of Couillardville is the product of a real community effort spread over ten years.  These individuals generously agreed to be interviewed and share memories of their growing-up years in Couillardville. 

Dan Carey
Grace Allen Carey (Lutz)
Nancy Carey (Campbell)
Ron Carey
Etta Couillard
Ken and Doug Couillard
Elizabeth Courchaine (Looney)
Ed DeLano
Dick Detaege
Janice Detaeje (Janssen)
Joe Detaeje Jr.
Donna Donlevy (Esser)
Dorothy Donlevy (Kopacz)
Bill Funk
Jack Herald
John and Charlotte Ihde
Helen Jacquart (Roznowski)

Jim Jacquart
Syke Jacquart
Dean Janssen
Gail Janssen
Bill Johnston
Lee Johnston
Lavon Johnston (Frazier)
Lorraine Prahl Konkel
Maryann Konkel (Jenquin)
Tom Kussow
David Matravers
John Matravers
Lyle Nichols
Lucy Thome (Schmidt)
Ruth Thome
Fr. Paul Vanden Hogen
Gerald Weigelt

Special acknowledgement and thanks go to the following individuals who pored through pages of interview notes and photographs to help weave a story around topics of significant importance for the families of Couillardville:

Cheese Factory

Lucy Ann Thome (Schmidt)
Doug Couillard
Helen Jacquart (Roznowski)
Nancy Carey (Campbell)
Ken Couillard
Lavon Johnston (Frazier)

Special editorial support was provided by Janice Detaeje Janssen

The two books of Helen Janssen (Jelinske)  provided invaluable insight into the people and times covered in this book.

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